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Once you’ve decided on a Rocky Mountain wedding, your options are nearly endless in terms of different locations for your ceremony, reception, and, most importantly, your wedding photos! And you can’t do better than Lake Louise. Hiring a Lake Louise wedding photographer also means you’ll be guided through the tricky process of picking different locations […]

Choosing Locations With Your Lake Louise Wedding Photographer

December 23, 2019


lake louise wedding photographer

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Of all the different ways couples choose to celebrate their love, none comes with more romantic ideals than an elopement. Since the early 19th century, it’s been used to describe lovers who run away together to get married, often suddenly and in secret. These days, it’s a trend that’s on the rise. Over 90% of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Banff Elopement Photographer

December 16, 2019


banff elopement photographer

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It’s no surprise that couples choose to celebrate their love in Banff and the surrounding areas. The Canadian Rockies’ majestic scenery provides an idyllic setting for engagement, elopement, and wedding photos alike. But if you’re planning on venturing to Banff for your big day, there are tons of benefits to hiring a local photographer versus […]

Banff Wedding Photography: 7 Reasons to Hire Someone Local

December 14, 2019


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Most people have an ideal image in their mind of the Canadian Rockies. The sweeping mountain slopes conjure up images of peace, stillness, and a magical atmosphere.  There’s no better example of this ideal wedding spot than Banff, an area nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Whether your preference is serene lakes, rugged […]

How to Choose a Location for Your Banff Wedding Photos

December 13, 2019


banff wedding photos

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Picture this scene. In a beautiful room at a mountain hotel, you take one final look in the mirror at your perfect dress before picking up your bouquet. Down the hallway you go, before stepping out into wide blue skies and sheer mountains sparkling with crisp white snow. After you’ve said “I do,” a gondola […]

How a Banff Wedding Photographer Captures the Memories of a Lifetime

December 12, 2019


banff wedding photographer