Magical Sunrise Session at Moraine Lake


July 15, 2019

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Moraine Lake, Alberta is located in Ten Peaks Valley within the beautiful Banff National Park. This iconic Canadian location is guaranteed to leave you breathless. With its’ location close to the city of Banff and Lake Louise, Moraine Lake is a highly visited area during the summer season.

Moraine Lake Lodge is the ultimate romantic getaway for those couples wishing to escape for a luxurious honeymoon, anniversary, or relaxing vacation. Visit their site to explore this intimate lodge as an option when booking your Canadian adventure. Guests staying at the lodge receive a guest parking pass. When the road is closed due to high tourist volume, guests with a pass are not restricted access to the lake. This makes parking for your photographer and flexibility of timing for your photo session much easier.

The vivid turquoise water changes shade throughout the summer.  As the glaciers melt, the result is unique jaw-dropping images every time.

I am honoured to share some images from this Moraine Lake sunrise session of this wonderful American couple from Georgia. They were visiting Canada for a honeymoon. Sessions like this, in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, make me truly appreciate what I do.

The connections and experiences we have created together are priceless.


As a local Moraine Lake photographer, it’s always a joy taking couples to this stunning location. I love capturing the natural beauty of these turquoise waters. The photos I create gives couples a tangible and memorable Canadian experience to take home. It always photographs differently… but beautifully. The direction of light, time of day, and amount of clouds affect the appearance of the water. Therefore it is a unique experience every time and my creativity is always flourishing.

Moraine Lake Photographer2019-07-15_0012.jpg


Fun fact: The view from the top is known as the “Twenty Dollar View” and is the scene featured on the back of the Canadian Twenty Dollar bills between 1969 and 1979.



Moraine Lake Photographer
Moraine Lake Photographer

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